The Second Place Winner from the 1st Round Demo Competition Shares Heartfelt Words


The second place winner from the 1st round demo competition visited MultiBank’s Beijing office late last week to claim his cash prize of $3,000. Our second place winner is also a remarkable trader, with 7,230% gain in equity, following closely behind our first place winner and gaining much momentum on his trades.


2nd place winner- Mr. Xu Shiyou

Mr. Xu Shiyou said he felt quite surprised but very excited about winning the prize. But he will not be satisfied with winning just once, and has already signed up for the second round of MultiBank’s 2018 demo competition. He will work harder in hopes of winner first place during following rounds and win the grand prize eventually.
Mr. Xu emphasized the importance of focus when sharing his trading strategies. He said that when trading forex, it is much better to focus on only a few currency pairs, rather than trading a wide array at the same time. By doing so, traders can avoid distractions and better analyze the market of the core pairs, thus maximizing profits.


Our impression of Mr. Xu was that he’s quite a prudent man. When asked about advantages of MultiBank Exchange Group, he said he had chosen the company after comparing several trading platforms. He found that the spread offered by MultiBank was the lowest and its platform was the most stable and fastest in execution.

Mr. Xu further stated that MultiBank Exchange Group is an old brand in this industry with successful history in China for decades and he can trust his money with MultiBank Exchange Group, particularly because the Group is regulated by financial authorities in Australia.


When discussing his original intention for joining the competition, Mr. Xu said he read about the Demo Competition while browsing forex companies’ websites. The Demo Competition held by MultiBank Exchange Group offers $15,000 cash prize for monthly winners and the grand prize of Mercedes E-Class car, which has been unprecedented in the industry. He felt quite excited to compete with thousands of Forex fans worldwide while not having to worry about depositing any real money.


It was our pleasure to interview Mr. Xu and learn of his experience and tactics in online trading. We wish him success in future trading, and look forward to seeing him in future rounds of the competition.

Mr. Zheng, the third place winner from 1st round demo competition could not accept his prize in person due to geographical and personal reasons. MultiBank Exchange Group decided to mail the award certificate and transfer the cash prize to him. Mr. Zheng wrote a thank you letter to the Group in appreciate for his $2,000 cash prize.


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