Winners for the Second Round Demo Competition Officially Announced

After a long hard game, we finally have the second round of MultiBank 2018 Demo Competition winners with us.

They are the first place winner Mr.Liu Jinbiao, the second place winner Ms. Novia Dewi Ernia Putri and Ms.Wang Qianshuo, the third place winner.

Unfortunately, due to the Spring Festival for Chinese and visa issue for our second winner, our three winners cannot claim their prizes and awards in person, therefore, they have sent their words via videos to share the exciting with us.

The first Place Winner

Mr.Liu Jinbiao comes from Changsha city in Hunan Province, China, the hometown of Chairman Mao Zedong. Mr.Liu has been one of  the best  candidates since the competition started and his performance was way ahead the second and third place winners. He finally achieved $ 42,213,053 in trading account, over 800 times gain in equity which was also over eight times of earnings rate secured by the first place winner from 1st round.

For such outstanding result, Mr.Liu says“the reason behind that is definitely because my easy mindset since it is a Demo Competition. And I am very confident with my skill from my years practice and experience accumulated in Forex trading.”

Besides the courageous and wise attitude, the key point for me to win is I had been focused on one currency pair of GBP/NZD which leaded to more clear thoughts on market trend, however, I would say I was lucky too because we all know the forex market is changing every minute.

This is an very unforgettable competition. Multibank Exchange Group’s platform has been working excellent during the competition. I would like to express my great gratitude to Multibank Exchange Group for offering us such a good opportunity for us to compete and communicate with our peer participants. It has been a great experience.”

The Second Place Winner

The second place winner Ms.Novia Dewi Ernia Putri comes from Indonesia and she achieved 5,841% gain in equity with $2,970,511 in trading account.

“It is totally a surprise for me and I still cannot believe I have won the price. I am very satisfied and pleased with this result. And I want to meet the first-place winner in person to communicate with him one day if possible. His performance is really impressive, and I think I probably can learn a lot from him” She says.

“I was sensitive to numbers since I was born which amazed my family. I started to learn forex by one coincidence and was deeply attract by it at once. I have confidence in my skill, but unluckily I did miss several big opportunities during the second round due to other matters, otherwise I think I could win the first place if I seized those opportunities.” She states.

The Third Place Winner

The third place winner Ms. Wang Qianshuo is definitely a black horse in this game, she is a senior student from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. She starts to trade forex not long ago, but she has achieved 5,366% gain in equity in this game.

Ms. Wang says “I joined this competition through my college friends’ recommendation. I am very happy and excited about winning the third place. I achieved over 50 times gain in equity in three weeks, because I had my right judgement on down trend of non-American currencies.”

“I am very satisfied with this result and looking forward to perform good for next round. I would like to express my great gratitude here to Multibank Exchange Group for hosting this competition and the generous award it offers. I have doubted before whether it is a legit platform or not, but after watching interview videos of three winners from 1st round I was sure this is a legitimate platform and I felt so relieved then. I wish Multibank Exchange Group a great success for the Demo Competition and a better future for Multibank Exchange Group.”

Congratulations again to three winners!

The second round of Multibank 2018 Demo Competition has officially ended, and the third round is coming in Feb 26th. We are looking forward seeing more outstanding candidates coming for our next round and hope good luck to everybody in next round.

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