Third Round Demo Competition Winners Announced

After another exciting round of demo competition, MultiBank Exchange Group has announced the 3rd round winners and awarded them their cash prize of $15,000 earlier this week.

First Place Winner

Coming in first place is Mr. Salman Khan from Pakistan. He has been trading forex for over 10 years now and has honed in on his skills to win first place during this round of the demo competition. You can see his short video clip here. Congrats to Mr. Khan and we wish him all the best in future rounds of the competition!

Second Place Winner

Our second place winner is Mr. Fanglei Kuang from Shenzhen, China. This was Mr. Kuang’s first time using MultiBank’s trading platform, but he says that he had a very good trading experience, particularly that the execution on our trading platform has been very fast and stable. When asked about his impression of the company, Mr. Kuang says that he feels MultiBank is a company he can fully trust due to its high level of regulation and security of funds for clients. Overall, he was very excited about winning the second prize, and will strive for the grand prize in future rounds.

Third Place Winner

The third place for the 3rd round MultiBank 2018 demo competition was won by Mr. Zhijian Sun of Yantai, China. Mr. Sun came to visit MultiBank’s Beijing branch to collect his third place cash prize and shared with us his experience. He said that during the competition, he had some issues with maintaining a stable mindset, but that he overcame this obstacle and hopes to practice in future rounds to improve his trading strategies going forward.

Once again, we wish to congratulate our three winners for their achievements during this round of our demo competition!

The third round of Multibank 2018 Demo Competition has officially come to a close, and the fourth round has started on 26th March 2018. If you’re interested in a chance to win $15,000 cash prize, please register for the competition and join us now! We wish everyone all the best in trading!

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