Easy Forex Review


As one of the oldest foreign exchange sites, Easy-Forex is well established and respected. With its great, proprietary software, and professional training alignment the site is a great option for trading online. It puts a lot of emphasis on customer education and support and thus makes a great option, especially if you are just starting your trading career.


Easy-Forex platform is known as one of the best in the industry. It is reliable, fast, easy to use, user friendly and requires no download. Registration process is fast and allows you to start your trading in a matter of minutes. Trading is also simple and easy. All the site’s services are now available via iPhone.


The site offers various features. Standard automatic Stop Loss and Take Profit orders make sure you control your losses/wins to an extent. Other, informational and analytical tools make your trading more knowledgeable and smart. Features allow you to see market trends based on Easy Forex traders’ activity, profit scenario graphs, daily and weekly outlooks, live forex news, Reuters news-feeds and other useful informational tools. Trade simulator also allows you to experience on some trades with fictional money.

Minimum deposit

The site offers 4 types of accounts:

  • Mini: minimum first deposit is: $25
  • Gold: minimum first deposit is: $250
  • Platinum: minimum first deposit is: $1,250
  • VIP: minimum first deposit is: $2,500


Standard spreads change according to currency pairs and account types.

For instance, EUR/USD spreads for Mini and Gold accounts are 3 Pips, for Platinum and VIP 4 Pips. USD/JPY, or USD/CHF spreads for Mini, Gold and Platinum accounts are 4 Pips, while for VIP only 3 Pips. In any case, all spreads are negotiable, so always negotiate your terms before you start trading, especially if you operate with large volumes. All standard spreads appear in the company’s site.

Deposit Methods

Instant, easy to perform deposits can be made via most major credit cards, and also through Paypal.

Customer Support

One of the great advantages of trading with Easy Forex is its’ personal service. You can work closely with your account manager via phone, email or chat. You can also meet them in person in the company’s regional offices. Account managers will guide you through the trading platform, and offer you technical support when ever you need it.  Frequent traders can also get a personal dealer services. The personal dealer provides trading guidance, insights about the market and special reports.


US residents may not use the generic site; they can only register via Easy-Forex.com/us.

Hong Kong residents are not allowed to use the site at all, as it is not licensed by the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission.