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EUR/USD Weekly Analysis 19 June 2017 – a Rangebound Market with a Slightly Bullish Bias

The Fed hiked rates as expected and Janet Yellen insisted they will raise rates again this year. The USD did strengthen on the back of these comments, but gave up most of those gains when weak consumer confidence and housing data was released on Friday. The market is not convinced by Yellen’s stance, which is […]

EUR/USD Weekly Analysis 12 June 2017 – Waiting for the Fed

The Euro has lost momentum over the past two weeks, though the fundamentals driving its rally remain in place. Last week the Eurozone news flow didn’t do enough to keep the rally going, and the UK election result weighed on currencies across the Eurozone. The main event this week is the FOMC rate decision and […]

EUR/USD Weekly Analysis 5 June 2017 – News Flow to Dominate the EUR/USD Story this Week

The technical picture for the Euro is quite simply that it is going up. The charts are telling us very little about how fast that may be or how deep the corrections may be. (EUR/USD Weekly Chart – The rally resumes) However, there is plenty of news and data this week, and fundamentals will probably […]

EUR/USD Weekly Analysis 29 May 2017 – Waiting for Employment Data

The Euro-Dollar pair is consolidating ahead of US employment data later in the week. The rhetoric from the Fed and the data over the last few months has some participants believing the FED may not hike rates in June. If this is confirmed by the data, the Euro may extend its gains, while strong data […]

EUR/USD Weekly Analysis 22 May 2017 – The Euro Gathers Momentum

A combination of Euro strength and Dollar weakness has created a very strong trend for the Euro. This is now prompting dollar bulls to get out of their positions, which adds to the trend. Before we have a clear idea of where the Euro is headed in the long term we will have to see […]