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Focus on Jackson Hole for EUR/USD

The EUR/USD continued to bounce off the 1.1700 level as buyers kept on coming in propping up the currency pair even as a slew of economic data continued to put pressure on it. This week the annual economic symposium at Jackson Hole comes to the attenti…

EUR/USD to Resume its Rally

The EUR/USD was heavily influenced by geopolitical news last week, specifically President Donald Trump and his battles with North Korea. This week we have a string of data to contend with and we should expect to see a degree of retracement with many of the safe-haven currencies. Longer term we’re still bullish on the Euro and will continue to trade it accordingly. Read More on

The EUR/USD Crashes after NFP

Last week was a good one for our EUR/USD trade, hitting the profit target as the momentum in the Euro continued. However by Friday the eyes of the trading world were on the US employment data and they came in strong, putting some momentum back into a s…

EUR/USD Powers Through 1.1600

As expected it was another bullish week for the EUR/USD as the currency pair powered through 1.1600 showing no signs of weakness. Mario Draghi did his best to taper expectations, but traders weren’t interested. USD weakness across the board, only added to the bullish tone. Read More on

EUR/USD looking Bullish Headed in the ECB Meeting

It was a big week on the data front for both the Euro and US Dollar as a number of key elements continue to fall into place that will shape sentiment going forward. All eyes this week are on the ECB to see if there are any changes to interest rates or at the very least any new developments in their outlook. We’re still maintaining our bullish bias in the EUR/USD with any positive economic news likely to trigger a further leg higher. Read More on

Will the EUR/USD Reach the 1.16 Target?

An ascending triangle has developed and could lead to a sharp move in either direction. The resistance level at 1.146 was reinforced last week – but if it breaks we should see 1.16 quite quickly. On the other hand, short term traders are long of the Euro and 1.13 is an obvious stop loss level. A break below this level would see a sharp selloff as longs are liquidated. Read More on

A Bullish Breakout for the Euro

Mario Draghi took the market by surprise with hawkish comments that sent the Euro soaring. The market was beginning to lose patience and even to turn bearish on the Euro. A lower high has set up a potential retracement to 1.13, where traders are bound to buy the Euro again. If they don’t that would be concerning for Euro bulls. Read More on

Is it time to listen to Mario Draghi and buy the Euro?

EUR/USD pushes to 12 month highs while all eyes on Central Bankers. An optimistic Mario Draghi, hawkish on rates. Read More on

A Well-Established Range

The EURUSD is stuck in a range between 1.11 and 1.13, as market activity tapers off. The bullish case for the Euro is still in place, but there is little news or data scheduled for this week that is likely to trigger that next leg higher. It may in fac…

The Retracement Loses Steam

The USD strengthened after Janet Yellen hiked rates, but weakened late in the week when weaker than expected consumer sentiment data was released. The deeper retracement we were looking for is now looking less certain. Longer term the fundamentals are …